About Us

  • Roosevelt Kiser M.ED starts Facebook Page

    It all started because of one man’s desire to create a space and place for educators to come together to uplift, commiserate, as well as share and exchange tools and resources that would increase their effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Over 145,000 Educators Join

    In approximately three months, educators from all over the country, spanning across numerous content areas, disciplines, and special interests joined the group. Due to this exponential growth, the nonprofit organization Black Educators Rock, Inc. was created in order to provide an official platform to provide & exchange ideas and tools & resources.
  • Black Educators Rock Opens Membership

    Dr. Melissa Chester assists Roosevelt in forming an educational nonprofit organization. Membership is for educators and those actively engaged in impacting education and assisting minority students in order to close the academic achievement gap. Those who join will receive motivation and encouragement from like-minded individuals, have access to a plethora of tools & resources, and the opportunity to benefit from our scholarships and giving initiatives for educators and minority students.